1997 Sebring JX


Step into a convertible for 1/4th the price of a new one. This 1997 average condition Sebring JX only has 29,500 miles on it. That's right-29,500.  The top is in great shape with no tears/rips etc.  Where can you find a convertible like this for only $5,500- NO WHERE BUT HERE. This car has been garaged the last 3 years and driven sparingly by elderly people when they go clubbing in South Florida.  The paint and interior aren't perfect but there are no major rips in the leather or carpeting.  A few scratches here and there but for the price it can't be beat. This car doesn't look expensive and it isn't. Buy now before tax season because this car will be gone, gone, gone!! Drive the convertible your grandparents did-you deserve it!