1999 Jaguar XK8 Convertible

1999 Jaguar XK8 Convertible in Mint condition. Drive the ultimate luxury convertible sports car for less that half the price of new (~$75K). Just three years young and still under factory warranty. Only 25,600 miles. This car is absolutely beautiful. One owner, lease return. No love bug, hail, flood, accident or any other damage. Car has never been repainted or had any body work. Vehicle was professionally undercoated at purchase and covered by TephSeal. Four new Michelin Pilot XGT X4 tires. Incredibly smooth luxury ride with the power and handling of a true sports car. One button brings the top up or down in seconds. No silly latch handles to mess with. Drive your dream! Drive the car you deserve!
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  Less than 26K miles   VIN: SAJGX2045XC034809
  Well Below all Book Values   Below Black Book Wholesale Price

  Traction Control System

  Heated Front Seats

  8 cyl 4.0 L Engine

  Compact Disc Changer

  Alarm System

  Aluminum/Alloy Wheels

  Anti-Lock Brakes

  Automatic 5-Speed Transmission

  Automatic Dimming Mirror

  Center Console

  Climate Control for AC

  Cruise Control

  Dual Air Bag Restraints

  Fog Lights

  Garage Door Opener

  Heated Power Mirrors

  Intermittent Wipers

  Keyless Entry System

  Leather Seats

  Leather Steering Wheel

  Power Brakes

  Power Door Locks

  Power Drivers Seat

  Power Passenger Seat

  Power Steering

  Power Windows

  Premium Sound System

  Rear Window Defroster

  Remote Trunk Release

  Side Air Bag Restraints

  Sport Suspension

  Steering Wheel Radio Controls

  Electronic Telescopic Steering Wheel

  Electronic Tilt Steering Wheel

  Tinted Glass

  Trip Computer

  Computer Controlled AC

  Mint condition

CarMatch Certified Condition Report

Exterior History
   Burgundy paint / tan top. Professionally detailed    Clean Title, on hand
   No visible rust    Clean CarFax report
   No visible dings    No rental car or Taxis registration
   A few barely noticeable, minor scratches    No accident or body work history
   Paint: Very glossy, original finish    No salvage or flood damage history
   Top in perfect condition. No rips or tears Engine
Interior    Runs perfect
   Excellent overall Condition    4.0 Liter V8
   Seats: Leather seats in excellent condition    HP: 290, Torque: 290 ft-lbs
   Carpet: clean, not matted down   Mileage: 17 mpg / 24 mpg
   Floor mats: slightly dirty    Very quick acceleration: 0-60: 7.1 sec.
   Dash: Excellent. No cracks or fading    Extremely Smooth idle through WOT
   Trunk: clean. No luggage marks    No sludge in oil
   Trim: Wood dash panels and shifter perfect    Belts, hoses, filters in good condition
   Steering wheel: Wood in excellent condition    No valve or lifter noise
   Headliner: In place. Excellent condition    Clean, detailed engine compartment
Wheels / Tires    Fluids topped off and in good condition
   New Michelin Pilot XGT X4 tires ~95% tread Transmission
   17" Alloy Wheels    Excellent Condition
   Brand new spare tire    Fluid clean and proper level
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Base Price $36,677 $39,413 $42,149
Optional Equipment $589 $634 $756
Color Adjustment $-445 $-479 $-512
Regional Adjustment $-67 $-72 $-77
Mileage Adjustment $549 $549 $549
Condition Adjustment $1,762 $1,741 $1,909
Total $39,065 $41,786 $44,774

Kelley Blue Book Values

Florida November 4, 2002
Retail Value $48,560
Private Party Value $42,895

Wholesale Value $39,475

GOOD NEWS! CARFAX search results confirm this 1999 JAGUAR XK8 (SAJGX2045XC034809) qualifies for the FREE $5,000 CARFAX Clean Title History Guarantee. By ordering this CARFAX Report, you have significantly reduced your risk of purchasing a vehicle with a costly hidden problem.

Vehicle Specifications SAJGX2045XC034809
Title Check Clean Title History Guaranteed
Odometer Rollback Check No Odometer Rollback Detected
Problem Check No Problems Found
Registration Check Checked 7 types of vehicle registration
Vehicle History Details 2 Total Vehicle History Records Found
NOTE: This vehicle has not been inspected by CARFAX and it may have problems that have not been reported to CARFAX. CARFAX recommends a vehicle inspection by a professional mechanic.
VIN: SAJGX2045XC034809
Year/Make/Model: 1999 JAGUAR XK8
Engine: 4.0L L6 FI DOHC 24V
Carburetion: FUEL INJECTED
Cylinders: 8
Manufactured in: ENGLAND


Clean Title News GOOD NEWS! CARFAX search results confirm this 1999 JAGUAR XK8 (SAJGX2045XC034809) qualifies for the CARFAX FREE $5,000 Clean Title History Guarantee.

CARFAX analyzed this vehicle's title history to determine if any title documents were designated or marked with the following problems:

Problem Titles Checked: Results:
Good News
Checked - No Salvage/Junk Title Found
Good News
Checked - No Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title Found
Flood Damage
Good News
Checked - No Flood Damage Title Found
Damage Disclosure
Good News
Checked - No Damage Disclosure Found
Manufacturer Buyback (LEMON)
Good News
Checked - No Manufacturer Buyback Found
Exceeds Mechanical Limits (EML)
Good News
Checked - No EML Found
Not Actual Mileage (NAM)
Good News
Checked - No NAM Found
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Good News GOOD NEWS! CARFAX search results on this 1999 JAGUAR XK8 (SAJGX2045XC034809) did not uncover a potential odometer rollback. CARFAX analyzed this vehicle's reported odometer readings to determine if any reading is less than a previously reported reading.

Date Reported: Odometer Reading:      
06/25/1999 605          
Problem Check

Passed Problem Check GOOD NEWS! CARFAX search results on this 1999 JAGUAR XK8 (SAJGX2045XC034809) did not uncover any of the following problems:


Problems Checked: Results:
Checked - No Accident Record Found
Salvage Auction
Checked - No Salvage Auction Record Found
Failed Emissions Inspection
Checked - No Failed Emissions Record Found
Fire Damage
Checked - No Fire Damage Record Found
Crash Test Vehicle
Checked - No Crash Test Vehicle Record Found
Grey Market Vehicle
Checked - No Grey Market Vehicle Record Found
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Registration Check

CARFAX search results on this 1999 JAGUAR XK8 (SAJGX2045XC034809) identify the types of state motor vehicle department registrations, other than private, that appear in this vehicle's history.


Registrations Checked: Results:
Lease Info Checked - No Lease Registration Found
Rental Info Checked - No Rental Registration Found
Government Info Checked - No Government Registration Found
Taxi Info Checked - No Taxi Registration Found
Fleet Info Checked - No Fleet Registration Found
Commercial Info Checked - Commercial Registration Found
Non-Profit Info Checked - No Non-Profit Registration Found
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History Details
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The CARFAX database contains a total of 2 vehicle history records on this 1999 JAGUAR XK8 (SAJGX2045XC034809):
06/25/1999     605      Maryland
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Bowie, MD
Title #28801910
    Title or registration issued
First owner reported
First lien reported

06/25/1999             Maryland
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Bowie, MD
    Registered as
commercial vehicle

10/22/2002             Consumer resource provided by:
    Manufacturer-Recommended Maintenance Schedules

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Comment Definitions

Commercial Vehicle registered for business purposes.
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  • You have significantly reduced your risk of purchasing a vehicle with a hidden problem. However, CARFAX has not inspected this vehicle. There could be other potential problems with this vehicle that have not been reported to CARFAX. CARFAX recommends a vehicle inspection by a professional mechanic.
  • Not all titles issued represent a change in vehicle ownership. For example, a title could be issued to reflect an address change or correction.

A Three-Year, Transferable Protection Plan

CARFAX's $5,000 Guarantee confirms this 1999 JAGUAR XK8 (SAJGX2045XC034809) has a Clean Title History. This certificate is valid for three years from date of issue, and is transferable!

CARFAX $5,000 Clean Title History Guarantee Terms:

Vehicle ID Number (VIN): SAJGX2045XC034809
Year/Make/Model: 1999 JAGUAR XK8
Issue Date: 10/22/2002
Expiration Date: 10/22/2005


Register your FREE $5,000 CARFAX Clean Title History Guarantee Today! FREE - Guarantee Registration


Three-year Protection Plan:
During the next three years, should you discover a problem title in this vehicle's history which was not included in this CARFAX Report, CARFAX will pay you 10% of the vehicle's wholesale value - up to $5,000!

Transferable Protection:
This Guarantee is transferable should you sell this vehicle prior to the Guarantee expiration date. The new owner receives the same protection plan coverage for the balance of the Guarantee's term.

*CARFAX agrees to pay to the holder of this report 10% of the wholesale value of the car, up to $5,000 if Section 2 of this report indicates a Clean Title History and a Branded Title actually exists for this vehicle. A Branded Title is defined as a passenger motor vehicle ownership document issued by the state that bears the word or symbol signifying that the vehicle was salvaged or junked; rebuilt or reconstructed; flood damaged; disclosed as damaged; bought back by the manufacturer; odometer exceeds mechanical limits; odometer was not the actual mileage; or any other symbol or word of like kind. Guarantee Certificate along with corresponding full report must be presented in order to be eligible for payment.

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