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About CarMatch

 Why should I use CarMatch Auto Locators?

CarMatch Auto Locators was founded on the principal of providing good service at a great price. Our primary source of cars is wholesale dealer auto auctions located in Central Florida.  We also deal directly with banks and leasing companies.  Most cars are lease returns.  Lease returns are typically in very good condition because lease terms require adherence to regular maintenance schedules and charges for excessive wear or mileage.  Many lease returns are still covered by the balance of a factory bumper-to-bumper warranty.  Other available cars are rental fleet vehicles, corporation executive vehicles, excess auto dealer trade-ins and even new cars which are either very hard to find (for example, MiniCoopers and new Ford Thunderbirds) or from prior model years. 

Central Florida is home to a number of auto auctions, including the largest and highest quality one in the entire Southeast.  Dealers from all over the country routinely come to Central Florida to buy used car inventory to sell at retail and to sell their own excess inventory. 

Because we are dealers, we buy at “Black Book” wholesale prices or less. The prices we can buy cars at are typically thousands of dollars less than what a retail customer can buy cars for. Ordinary dealers have extensive inventory, expensive sales and administrative staff, high building costs, big advertising budgets and tons of expenses. Those expenses must be tacked on to the price of your car or they’d go out of business. Since we have very little inventory and extremely low overhead, we can pass the savings on to you!  The reason is simple, better selection, better prices and the best quality of cars. 


What service does CarMatch Auto Locators provide?

q       First, we talk to you about what kind of car will meet your needs. 

q       Then we research what cars are within your budget.  We do this by determining the “black book” dealer wholesale prices on various cars, and then comparing these prices to recent actual sales at local wholesale dealer auctions. 

q       We present you with the results, and if you are satisfied, you hire us to act as your agent to locate your car and we agree on a maximum price you will pay for a particular car with your specified options.

q       We help you find financing for you new car, if necessary.

q       We locate your specific car from auctions, banks, leasing companies and individuals.

q       We conduct background checks on target vehicles by VIN number using certified car checking services (CarFax or similar vehicle history), time permitting.

q       We conduct personal inspection of the vehicles.

q       We purchase your car and, in most cases, have it inspected by an ASE certified mechanic.

q       We will present you with certification of warranty (if available) and extended warranty options.

q       If you choose to purchase a car that is outside of its manufacturers warranty, we help you locate an extended warranty, if you prefer.

q       Finally, we professionally detail your car and arrange for delivery to you.


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