Camry Solara


Most cars are located within a few days of receiving the order. Some hard to find vehicles may take a week or possibly more.

We will do an exhaustive search of what cars meet your criteria and promptly email you a report telling specifying all the cars we found. The report will indicate make, model, color, mileage and options.

Along will a vehicle location report, we’ll `give you the “Black Book” price on the vehicle you are buying. Once you have made a choice, we’ll set a maximum price you want to pay for your vehicle. If we’re able to obtain your vehicle for less than your maximum, you keep the savings! Most of the time we can actually buy the car for less than the “Black Book” Wholesale Price!

The “Black Book” is THE reference for car dealers. It is a weekly publication that lists the average price paid for cars at auction. Car dealers use the “Black Book” in order to determine how much a car is really worth. “Black Book” prices are THE LOWEST price quoted by any of the car buying guides.  Retail customers rarely get to see a black book because retailers don’t want you to know just how much less the car really costs. At CarMatch, we buy at “Black Book” prices and pass the savings on to you!

Cars can be paid for by wire transfers, by cashiers checks or we can help you obtain financing.

Of course. Many of our clients are from out of the area. We can arrange shipping of your new car for you or you can arrange for it. You would be surprised to know how cheap it is to ship a car.

Many customers prefer to fly down, enjoy a vacation at one of our many theme parks and driving their dream car home.

The money you save will more than cover the cost of transportation or even a great vacation!

CarMatch never charges ANY hidden charges. We charge what it cost us to buy the car plus a small fee to cover our expenses and time involved in locating the right car for you. Our fee will be clearly stated along with our vehicle location report. Remember, being dealers, we are able to buy cars thousands below consumer levels and we have almost no overhead. Those savings are passed on to you! 

Tax, tag and title charges apply to all in state sales. Out of state buyers can pay these separately in their own state.

* Blue Book Retail value based on dealer retail sales according to based on car having 30,000 miles, Clean condition with standard features.

** CarMatch price is estimated based on recent average Southeast U.S. auction sales and includes ASE Certified inspection and extended warranty